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Reusable, non-toxic & safe for all skin types
Satin-wrapped microfiber


A reversible design for your wet & dry hair


Smooth satin & absorbent towel scrunchies


We're passionate about multi-use beauty accessories that simplify your daily routine. Beautiful, everyday essentials that enhance your self-care without sacrificing on quality. Affordable luxuries and unique, giftable items any beauty lover would swoon over.


"This hair towel has been a game-changer for my thick, curly hair! Cuts my drying time in half!"

"These hearts are magic! They take all my makeup off with only water and are gentle enough to use every day on my super sensitive skin. My daughter loves them too!"

"I'll never use a bath towel on my head again! Love how lightweight this towel is and the reversible design is amazing for wet and dry hair."

" A staple in my everyday routine! These hearts are so versatile. I use them to cleanse my skin, remove my makeup and they're great for taking off face masks too!"

"Love that this kit is eco-friendly! The reusable hearts replace thousands of disposables and are much better for your skin and the planet."

*new! satin cross-top headbands

Now available! Our new satin cross-top headbands are your summer hair staple. Available in three gorgeous colours.

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